That was the best decision we could have made!

I’ve lived at Oswego Summit Condominiums for the past 15 years. Unfortunately like most residents I did not pay attention to the state of affairs at our complex. In 2014 I became a member of the HOA Board and didn’t take long to understand that we were in big trouble. Our finances were a mess, as well as the maintenance of our buildings. As the new board became more aware of our problems we decided that we needed professional management. Starting with a list of 9 companies we eventually settled on BPM. That was the best decision we could have made. In the past 15 months we have reduced our delinquency rate, undergone a $6 million repair project and built up our reserve account. All of this was accomplished through the staff at BPM. They are not only true professionals but a pleasure to work with. The needs of our residents always come first with them and we now live in a wonderful community that is thriving in Lake Oswego!

Ron Plath, Oswego Summit

Our building is much cleaner and more organized!

I am on the Board of the largest Condominium in the Portland area. We recently switched to BPM for our Property Management. Speaking only for myself, I must say that it has gone better than expected. BPM was willing to work contract terms in a direction wanted by the Board. They didn’t simply tell us “here is how it is done and here is the price”. They had people on-site well before taking over to assure they understood our operation and complex centralized utilities.

Since takeover our building is much cleaner, more organized, and requires near zero micromanagement by the Board and Owners. Their staff is very professional and serious about your building and their business. I’m a fan.

David McDowell, John Ross

The BPM staff has demonstrated a deep knowledge of and experience with many HOA areas!

Over the past several years, BPM has been a trusted partner in making sure that our HOA has run smoothly and that owner and resident concerns have been dealt with professionally and promptly. The BPM staff has demonstrated a deep knowledge of and experience with many HOA areas, and has worked with us to find and engage specialized assistance whenever it has been needed. I have been impressed with how seriously they take their responsibilities and how well they listen and act on our concerns. I would happily recommend them to any HOA looking for a management company.

D. Andrews, Harrison West HOA