Company Background

BPM Management, formerly BPM Condominium Management was established in 2006 as a division of Bowen Property Management Company who has been in business since 1977. The division was established primarily to focus on the management of Home Owners Associations of Condominiums and Planned Communities in the Portland and surrounding areas.

Over the next several years, the core staff of John Ballas, Susan West and Mara Davis built the division from managing a single HOA of less than 100 units to managing eleven associations totaling a little over 1,000 units.

In January 2010, the original core staff of John Ballas, Susan West and Mara Davis formed a partnership and acquired BPM Condominium Management from BPMC. Ballas and Partners Management LLC then changed the name of the company to BPM Management where we have grown to managing twenty-seven associations totaling over 3,500 units.

BPM Management has an established record of accomplishment by improving the performance for each investment.

  • Selecting and Placing Uniquely Qualified Professionals to manage the day-to-day operations for each community.
  • Increasing Operating Margins by implementing aggressive management strategies and promoting effective resident service practices.
  • Controlling Operating Expenses through strategic planning, scheduling and volume purchasing.
  • Improving Cash Management with efficient budget forecasting, reporting and control systems as well as strong debt collection practices.
  • Providing Professional Accounting Services to closely monitor and control property operations.
  • Adding Value to your Investment through cost effective property improvements.
  • Reducing Insurance Costs by evaluating insurance alternatives to provide for the maximum benefits at the most practical cost.

Professional affiliations and designations

Many management companies and managers have various professional credentials that indicate their level of professionalism. BPM Management is proud to have received several designations from the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM) and the Community Association Institute (CAI) as well as the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

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BPM Management is an active member of the Community Association Institute (CAI) and has obtained several distinguished certifications. Founded in 1973, CAI is the national voice for an estimated 50 million people who live in more the 250,000 community associations of all sizes and architectural types throughout the United States. Community associations include condominium associations, homeowner associations, cooperatives and planned communities. CAI is dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsible, competent community associations that promote harmony, community and responsible leadership. CAI advances excellence through a variety of education programs, professional designations, research, networking and referral opportunities, publications, and advocacy before legislative bodies, regulatory bodies, and the courts. In addition to individual homeowners, CAI’s multidisciplinary membership encompasses community association managers and management firms, attorneys, accountants, engineers, builders/developers, and other providers of professional products and services for homeowners and their associations.

BPM Management is the recipient of the Accredited Association Management Company™ (AAMC™) designation. We are one of only two companies in Oregon to achieve this. To earn this designation, a management company must adhere to CAI’s Professional Manager Code of ethics, have managed associations for at least three years, how that at least 50 percent of its managers hold a PCAM, AMS, or CPM designation or CMCA certification, provide continuing education for its management staff, distribute essential financial reports to its board at least quarterly, and complete other requirements.

BPM Management is proud to have the managing members of its HOA management team designated as a professional Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) by having achieved the standards identified and adopted by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers (NBC-CAM).

By earning this certification, the certificate holder demonstrates to members of the profession, the public, association clients, and government authorities a commitment to and interest in providing a high level of quality community association management. Once certified, these managers must agree to comply with NBC-CAM Standards of Professional Conduct, must re-certify every two years, and demonstrate continuing education instruction.

Oregon Washington Community Association Managers (OWCAM) was established in 2002 to serve community association managers and service providers (Affiliates) of the Pacific Northwest. The primary goals are to enhance professional image, represent proposed licensing and legislation, promote education and provide a network for business opportunities.

For over 65 years, IREM has been the nation’s premier educational resource in the field of real estate management. Real estate management professionals involved with the IREM organization consistently distinguish themselves as industry leaders.

The CPM® designation is awarded to professional property managers who have distinguished themselves in the areas of experience, education, ethical conduct, and have met other rigid standards established by IREM.

Members of our management team continue to be actively involved with their local CAI, OWCAM and IREM Chapters as well as other local professional associations in the immediate areas of influence. Our involvement with these organizations assures owners that the level of service we provide is of the highest standards. Furthermore, involvement with these organizations demonstrates our commitment to continuously be knowledgeable and aware of the ever changing practices in real estate management.